Having managed properties in Bahama Bay Resort and Spa we have gained valuable knowledge about the resort, the condos and the people that own these properties. We passionately believe that Bahama Bay is one of the most well maintained resorts in the area and this is show by the demand from people wishing to spend their vacations here. 

Over the years we have been contacted by many condo owners regarding our property management services, some have switched over to us and some have stayed with the on-site management or their existing management companies. Some of the reasons people want to change companies is purely financial, maybe its the rates that they are receiving on the bookings they are being supplied or the commissions they are charged on their own bookings. Other owners are fed up with with items that have gone missing from their units with no explanation as to when, why or how this happened and some owners are frustrated at the constant miscellaneous charges for maintenance or items needed to be replaced on a basis that they consider to be far too often.

The purpose of this event is to provide a stress free, informal, no pressure environment to allow owners to meet the owner of Greendale Property Corp, the company who operates this website, to learn how they can help with the management of their investment, increase the value while at the same time increase their bottom line to achieve a positive return on their balance sheet. 

This year we will be holding an informal 90 minute meet and greet at 301 Rum Run, there will be free doughnuts and soda and hopefully we can answer any questions or concerns you may have about changing management companies