Not all of our homeowners need us to help with generating reservations for their condos but if they do we are more than happy to assist. One thing we never do is charge an owner a commission for reservations they have generated themselves. This is often the difference between making a profit on their investment or a loss. Ask to talk to a couple of our owners they will tell you since enlisting our management services we have been the difference in their bottom line.

When we do assist with the marketing and generation of reservations we advertise the properties on the leading vacation rental websites as well a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter as well as our own websites. When we secure a reservation for our homeowners we charge a small commission of 15%. We always collect the tax on behalf of the owner and if the guest is staying 7 nights or less then they also pay the departure cleaning fees.

Many larger management companies outsource their marketing efforts to tour operators, the issue with this is that they never really know how many people will be staying at the property, there is no relationship between the guest and the owner of the property and this often results in a less respectful guest. Every time we accept a reservation we will have had a conversation with the guest, we will have explained what the condo is like and what they can expect from the staff at the resort, if there is any issues for the guest that are fully aware that we are just a phone call away and can be on-site within just a few minutes to help with their needs. Because of this direct line of communication we are pleased to say that the way the condos are left are very.

Because all of the reservations we generate automatically have a security deposit protection associated with the booking in the unlikely event there is damage or something has been mistakenly removed from the condo we so far have a 100% success rate of receiving the funds to put any issues right.

Our research has shown that one of the complaints about other management companies is that the rates that they generate are not high enough, it might surprise you that some owners of condos in Bahama Bay, even after many upgrades by the advice or others, is extremely low. We have been told in the past that owners have received as low as $45.00 per night plus tax prior to any commissions which have been as high as 25%. We have decided that our rates will be the same for all owners depending on whether they have a 2 or 3 bedroom property. All of the properties will have the same opportunity to attract as many reservations as possible as each condo will have multiple pictures along with a description on the website. We will never play favorites with the properties and leave it up to the guest as to which one they would like to rent.

For more information on the rates we will be offering please feel free to contact us.