At Bahama Bay Resort Direct we believe that we offer our clients, both out of state and overseas, the very best service for a fair and affordable fee. We provide a full and comprehensive property management service that includes pest control, maintenance, reservations and property upgrades. We have a full and dedicated team of staff ensuring the highest standards at all times. Unlike many management companies we believe that it is a privilege to take care of your property and value your trust in us to do so.

Each and every condo we look after has been allocated a single, trained housekeeper to ensure that the high standard we require is maintained each time it is cleaned, this also allows us to keep tight control on who goes in and out of the condos, eliminating any missing items or items being moved from one condo to another, The housekeeper will know your condo inside and out, what is in the condo and where it belongs, if in the unlikely event of damage occurring the housekeeper will notice this straightaway, report back to us so we can claim against any security deposit or if it is an owners guest we can report back to them so they do not have to carry the cost of damage or missing items.

Jojo, our property inspector overseas the housekeeping manager and her team, carries out pre-inspections before a guest arrives and liaises with Nora to make sure properties are cleaned on time and ready for the next guest. Each home is inspected before and after each guest.

Pest Control
David our bug expert has many years of experience. Not only does he spray all of our properties he will also make a note of anything out of the ordinary and report back to Lee, this extra set of eyes has become invaluable. Just because the resort has their own pest service in place we have found it vital to also offer this service. If on the extremely rare occasion a bug does get in to the property David will simply come back within 24hrs and respray.

Condos in Bahama Bay seldom need any maintenance if they are cared for properly. The average annual cost of maintenance for these types of properties excluding air-conditioning systems and appliance is under $500.00. There are several reasons but the main is that we carry out multiple checks for each guest that stays in your property. All maintenance work is conducted by licensed and insured contractors when needed.

Reservations & Marketing
First of all we do not and never will charge any homeowner a commission on any booking they may generate themselves, we actually consider this to be arrogant on the side of the management company that does and often this charge can be the difference between an owner making or profit or losing thousands of dollars each month. We actually encourage our homeowners to be as active as possible in the success of their condo.

If you would like us to assist you in securing reservations we will advertise your home on the world leading vacation rental websites, we will create and manage these listings, reply to all inquiries, take payment and send out all required confirmations. We charge a small commission of 15% on the reservations we generate. Any guest that stays 7 nights or less automatically pays the cleaning fee so you don’t have to and of course we will collect the state and county taxes and submit on your behalf so you have even less to worry about each month.

This is vital in any relationship. We believe in an open forum, no subject is off limits. At times you may even get fed up with all well-informed we keep you. If you have any questions you will not be passed around from one person to the next, you will only ever need to talk to one of the company directors, we will even give you our cell phone numbers so you never have trouble contacting us.

Monthly Statements
Each month you will receive a statement from us, this statement will illustrate all income and expenditure and you will be able to pay, if needed, any balances online.

Switching from one management company to another is a simple endeavor and not something you should be afraid of. We can and will help you with the transition of utilities, putting you in more control of your investment, applying for license transfers, again this gives you more control. From a timescale point of view once we have signed contracts with a start date from an owner wishing to enlist our service we can have everything taken care of on the same day.