People like things that connect to the internet, people like to be able to stream their own music, people like to be able to buy things online, WE LIKE TO GIVE PEOPLE THINGS FOR FREE

For a limited time only the next 10 owners that join Bahama Bay Resort Direct will each receive a free Amazon Echo Device for their condo. We will even install it for you. Owners will need to sign our standard 90 day contract and be under management by April 1st 2019. This offer cannot be combined with other offers.


  1. We can help increase the revenue your condo generates by supplying good quality bookings
  2. We will never charge you a commission on any of the bookings you generate (20-25% savings)
  3. We will allocate a housekeeper to your condo (improves standards and security
  4. We will submit your state sales and county tourism taxes on your behalf
  5. We will never remove items from your condo to put in another condo
  6. We return phone calls and reply to emails
  7. Pre and post guest inspections
  8. Only expert licensed and insured contractors will be allowed to work in your property
  9. Free end of year summaries for your tax returns
  10. Free homeaway listing (subject to 18 month contract)

Get your free amazon echo device